Pea as a High Protein Feed Source for Livestock Production in North Carolina

North Carolina State University
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Open Grants Program
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This grant provides funding to assess the use of peas as an alternative source of protein to feed livestock in North Carolina. The poultry and hog industries have expressed interest in the program. Peas can be produced over the winter months and can be followed by full-season soybeans, corn, or cotton. The net income from peas also compares favorably to other winter crops grown in the state. The project will include three field experiments: a pea variety trial, a pea planting date trial, and a pea seeding rate trial. Golden LEAF funds will be used for personnel, supplies, travel, and other costs associated with conducting the research and sharing the results with North Carolina farmers.

Ms. Rachel Atwell Vann 2701 Sullivan Drive Campus Box 7653 Raleigh, North Carolina 27607
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