Plant Sciences Initiative – Phase 2

North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc.
Program Area:
Special Programs Initiative
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This grant provides funding for the design of a new plant sciences facility at North Carolina State University. Agriculture is a key to the future of the North Carolina economy, and 84% of new agriculture-related jobs are expected to be in plant sciences. Anchored by a new research center, the Plant Sciences Initiative (PSI) is a strategy for job creation and training and will serve as a platform for plant science research and innovation. The PSI will increase crop yields, create improved varieties, improve agronomic techniques, and generate alternative uses for tobacco, resulting in growing revenue from acres of farmland across the state. The total amount needed for design and planning, including program development, is $18 million, 10% of the overall anticipated costs to construct the facility. The completion of the design phase will result in the information and working documents needed to construct the Plant Sciences Research Complex and define the scientific leadership required to launch the PSI.

Dr. Steven Lommel Campus Box 7645 Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7645 919-515-2717
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