Project Yum

City of Rocky Mount
Program Area:
Economic Catalyst
County of Applicant:

The purpose of this Golden LEAF grant is to provide funding to the City of Rocky Mount to construct a wastewater pretreatment facility that will serve Project Yum and others. Project Yum will locate a new food processing plant in Battleboro. The company will create 74 new jobs by December 31, 2018 at an average annual wage of $32,000 plus benefits. The City requires pretreatment of the waste that Project Yum generates to allow Project Yum to discharge into the City of Rocky Mount wastewater treatment plant. The pretreatment facility will be owned by the City and will be able to accommodate the needs of other companies.

Mr. Charles W. Penny PO Box 1180 Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27802-1180 252-972-1111
Areas Served:
Nash, Edgecombe, Halifax

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