Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden LEAF Foundation will accept applications from units of local government for public infrastructure projects for flood mitigation.

How do I apply?

An online application is available on the Golden LEAF website. Click here to start an application. Click here to return to a previously started application.

What types of expenses are not eligible?

Grant funds may not be used for acquisition of real property or grant administration. Funds are focused on projects to mitigate flooding. See ineligible uses of funds section for additional detail.

We already completed the emergency repairs, can we apply for reimbursement?

No. Reimbursement of previously completed repairs or improvements are not eligible in this program.

When are applications due?

Golden LEAF will accept applications on a rolling basis until all available funds are awarded. If you have questions regarding how quickly an application could be acted on following submission, please contact us. The calendar provides an overview of upcoming meeting dates —

Is there a limit on the amount of funds that may be requested?

Yes. Up to $250,000 may be awarded per project.

Can I submit multiple projects?

Yes. A local government may submit multiple separate projects.

We’d like to submit an application for planning. Will funds be available for implementation?

We cannot guarantee availability of funds for implementation of specific projects, however funds are available for planning and a community may then follow up with an application for implementation of the project.

What counties are eligible to apply?

All counties are eligible to apply; however, Golden LEAF will prioritize projects from rural, economically distressed areas.

How is “unit of local government” defined?

For the purpose of this program, a unit of local governments is a county, city, consolidated city-county, local board of education, sanitary district, or other local political subdivision, authority, or agency of local government. Please contact Golden LEAF staff if you are uncertain if your organization qualifies.

Who can I contact with questions about my project?

Please submit your inquiry using the form linked here. A member of the Golden LEAF team will respond within one business day.


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