Staff Spotlight – Ted Lord Senior Vice President/ Staff Attorney

Name: Ted Lord
From: Winston-Salem, NC
Title: Senior Vice President/ Staff Attorney
Years at Golden LEAF: 13
Positions held:
Program Officer
Vice President of Programs/ Staff Attorney
Senior Vice President/ Staff Attorney

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in North Carolina. I attended Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, and Wake Forest University School of Law. After college I served as a fellow and special projects coordinator for the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation in Winston-Salem, and after law school I was a law clerk for the Honorable James A. Beaty, Jr., United States District Judge.  Immediately before joining Golden LEAF, I lived in Reidsville and practiced law with a firm in Greensboro.  I now live with my family in Momeyer, just outside of Nashville, NC.

What Golden LEAF Programs/ Initiatives have you worked on or led?

I work closely with the Economic Catalyst Program, the Community-Based Grants Initiative, the Open Grants Program, and a variety of special projects and initiatives, including the Hurricane Mathew and Hurricane Florence disaster programs and our Major Sites Development Initiative.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Senior Vice President/ Staff Attorney?

I participate with the programs staff in conducting due diligence and formulating recommendations for our Board regarding grant decisions and I oversee the work our programs staff does monitoring the grants that Golden LEAF makes.  With input from our programs staff, I also help develop grantmaking policies and priorities for our Board’s consideration. I also implement some of Golden LEAF’s special initiatives.  As staff attorney, I primarily work on legal issues that arise in the development and implementation of projects.

What do you want people to know about the Golden LEAF Foundation?

I would like people know that Golden LEAF has a variety of resources to help rural, tobacco dependent, and economically distressed communities in North Carolina.  Because of our work across the state, we can help people learn about other resources that may be available to them and share information about projects that have been implemented in communities throughout North Carolina.  If anyone wants to discuss a project they are developing to see whether it may be a candidate for Golden LEAF support or if Golden LEAF has experience with similar projects, I encourage them to contact us.

PRESIDENT’S NOTE:  As noted elsewhere, Ted was named Senior VP early this month. In order to maintain a high-quality, efficient staff, three Golden LEAF program officers – Terri Bryant Adou-Dy, Marilyn Chism, and Kasey Ginsberg – were designated as Directors of Programs, and will have responsibility for different grantsmaking subject areas. Ms. Adou-Dy will also hold the title of Director of Programs Administration.

Rhea Barnes is now designated Senior Director of Administration, J.P. Boyd as Director of Investments and Kasey Ginsberg as Director of Government Relations. These titles better fit their current actual duties. The Foundation does not anticipate any further hires at this time.

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