SITE Program – Development

For sites that have completed the due diligence necessary to demonstrate that the site is suitable for development, applicants may apply to Golden LEAF for funding to begin development of the site.

Golden LEAF funds can be used to:

  • Extend public utilities (typically water and sewer) to sites.
  • Rough grading and clearing and to stub access roads into the site (publicly owned sites only)
  • Remediation of environmental conditions to enable industrial development (publicly owned sites only)

Eligible expenses include limited due diligence, design and engineering, construction, and related costs. The grantee will procure the contractors for the project.

Golden LEAF Funds may not be used for:

  • Shell buildings or construction of building pads
  • Construction of roads (beyond stubbed access road)
  • Extension of public utilities within the site
  • Grant administration
  • Acquisition of real property

Sites must have completed the due diligence requirements established by Golden LEAF. If there are three or fewer elements of due diligence (see checklist) not yet completed, the applicant may request funding to complete those elements through the development phase.

The maximum award in this phase is $1 million.

Download application guidelines

Guidelines were current as of the March 10, 2022 deadline and may be updated for the Fall 2022 application.


  • Public ownership or control of the site on which the proposed project will be completed. For information regarding public ownership or control, please see the glossary.
  • Evidence that required due diligence has been completed for the site (see due diligence requirements).
    • An application for site development may also request funding for up to three elements of due diligence not previously conducted; however, funds for development will not be released until the due diligence is completed.
  • Successful applicants will be able to show a plan for economic development and how development of the site will further the goals of that plan.
  • 15% match commitment for certain counties.


Download application guidelines Contact Golden LEAF staff FAQ and Glossary

Guidelines were current as of the March 10, 2022 deadline and may be updated for the Fall 2022 application.


Applications were due March 10 at noon. The next round of SITE Program applications will be considered in Fall 2022.

Download checklist of required attachments

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