Success Story

Golden LEAF Provided Critical and Early Support to Grow North Carolina’s Aerospace Industry

When North Carolina identified potential and began building the important aerospace and aviation industry in the state, the Golden LEAF Foundation was an early supporter joining public/private collaborative efforts to help support this growing industry through strategic expansion and thoughtful investments.

The Aerospace Alliance, started in Kinston in 2005, served as the base for the industry expansion that included partners in different fields statewide including education, community colleges, economic developers, universities and businesses.  The Golden LEAF Foundation supported the Alliance that – in turn – has been a significant job creation asset in the aviation sector and more broadly in defense contracting while also connecting companies to important resources.

Specifically, Golden LEAF’s grants of more than $10.2 million have contributed to ten training sites building increased training capabilities and has assisted local government and nonprofits with critical infrastructure improvements and fair market value leases that have led to job creation.  Estimates show that the broad initiative is responsible for helping create 1,358 new jobs across North Carolina.  Grant dollars have helped provide state-of-the-art training programs in partnership with community colleges and universities statewide and helped spur new jobs and expansions in 10 counties across the state.

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