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Hurricane Matthew Recovery funds help Bladen County weather Hurricane Florence

Areas in Eastern North Carolina suffered historic flooding in recent years from devastating hurricanes, including Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  Many of these communities faced widespread destruction to critical infrastructure during both storms – including Bladen County. During Hurricane Matthew, the county experienced a total power loss during the storm – putting access to clean water at-risk.  Not only was the community’s safety at risk with widespread power outages, but without clean water, healthcare and basic needs were also a critical concern for residents.

Hurricane Matthew Recovery funds supported four generators in Bladen County with automatic transfer switches. The county was able to use the generators to support the county’s water system during extended periods of power outages during Hurricane Florence.

After Hurricane Matthew, Golden LEAF Disaster Recovery Grant Program funds were provided to support the installation of generators at four water supply wells in Bladen County to ensure residents would not risk losing a clean water supply in the future.

In the fall of 2018, the Golden LEAF Foundation presented a check for almost $400,000 county commissioners to enable the county to purchase and install generators. This recovery grant funded generators at four supply wells in the county to help avoid the widespread outages, like what was experienced during the 2016 storm.

The generators were installed and made ready for service in August 2018, just in time for Hurricane Florence. Even though the county experienced another week without power due to Florence, the new generators were a critical resource for the community.

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